What are people saying about non-hosted short-term rentals and the effects they have on the communities around them.

Santa Rosa Short-Term Rental Evicted After Large Party

On Wednesday, October 5, 2022, at 10:13 pm, numerous Santa Rosa Police Department officers were dispatched to a large party in the 3900-block of Flintridge Drive. Several area residents and the property manager called requesting SRPD assistance with the unlawful party. The party was being held in a short-term rental. The property manager requested assistance with evicting the guests and partygoers because they violated the terms of their rental.

When officers arrived on the scene, they noticed at least 100 vehicles and approximately 300-400 people coming and going from the residence. The renters were from Southern California and were in Santa Rosa for an event. At the residence, there were food vendors, a DJ, a photo booth, and a large bar. SRPD officers were at the scene for more than an hour to clear the party.

The City is engaging in an ugly game with its short-term rental regulatory program. In this game the City, the on-line rental platform (e.g., Airbnb) and the owner/host/manager of the rental property all collect a fee for facilitating the game, but risk nothing for it. The renters pay a fee to participate in the game, in which they find great joy but don’t much care about the outcome. The neighbors of a rental property can do nothing but watch the game played over and over again, hoping that their right to the safe and peaceful enjoyment of their home is not disrupted.

Did you know?
Airbnb does not verify the identity of all of our hosts and guests nor do we verify or screen third parties who may be present during a reservation made through our platform.” Nor do the verify the suitability or safety of their listing. See pg 45 of Airbnb IPO Investment Prospectus 
Be aware when a home goes for sale
What will this house become? In the past when a home went for sale a new neighbor would move in, not now this home could be purchased for a Non-hosted short-term rental or a time share Pacaso home. Be active don’t let this happen to a home near you. Join us before it is to late to save your neighborhood